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The Legends

Hyrule Historia: Have you Pre-Ordered Your Copy?
Posted on November 30, 2012 by Link


I know I have. I am beyond stoked to receive my pre-order. Dark Horse books and Nintendo are releasing The official English version of the Japanese 25th anniversary Hyrule Historia. It’s set to release in January 29th, 2013. Besides just being an all around excellent addition to any Zelda fan’s collection, this book contains loads of information about The Legend of Zelda information, a bonus Legend of Zelda manga created by the famous Akira Himekawa, never before seen concept artwork and the official timeline.

There is also a confirmed Collector’s Edition book that is leather bound and has a depiction of the gate of time on the front of it. There are only 4,000 copies being printed and these copies are being distributed to

If you haven’t pre-ordered your copy yet you definitely should consider it. You can order it off of Amazon, Barnes & Nobles and Forbidden Planet (UK). Hurry before you miss your chance!

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Happy Birthday Miyamoto!
Posted on November 16, 2012 by Link

November 16, 1952, someone who would have an astounding effect on my life and many other’s was born that day. His name is Shigeru Miyamoto (宮本 茂) The creator of the Legend of Zelda series.

In honor of his birthday, I thought we could get to know a little bit more about this inspiring man. He is the creator of a number of successful game series such as The Legend of Zelda, Mario, Donkey Kong, Star Fox, Pikmin, F-Zero, and the Wii series. This is often why people refer to him as the Spielberg of video games. It’s interesting, yet not surprising, when one learns of where this man’s inspiration for his amazing video games comes from. As a child growing up in rural Kyoto, Shigeru Miyamoto didn’t have much else to do other than exploring the forests and canyons near where he lived. One particular incident had a profound effect on his life. He found a hole. Not just any hole but an opening in the earth, a cave. He returned multiple times to that very spot until he had built up enough courage to venture in. He was blown away by the miraculous beauty of the cave.

Shigeru Miyamoto wanted to do something with his life that he could share with others. Something that would allow him to leave his mark on this world. He considered being a puppeteer or even a painter. This is probably what led him to enrolling in the Kanazawa College of Art where he studied Industrial Design. After graduating Shigeru had no job lined up. He had a desire to be a manga artist but that all changed when his father got in contact with an old friend by the name of Hiroshi Yamauchi. The owner of a toy company named Nintendo.

In 1980, Hiroshi asked Shigeru to design a video game. Shigeru had loved video games throughout college. He especially loved playing Space Invaders. When Hiroshi asked Shigeru to design a game, Shigeru must have accepted without hesitation. The first game he designed came to be known by the name of Donkey Kong. This was the launch to fame Nintendo needed. It marked the birth of Mario (who became Nintendo’s “mascot”.) After this, the sky was the limit for Nintendo.

Shigeru Miyamoto eventually met and fell in love with Yasuko. They fell in love and got married. After words they bought a small house near Nintendo so Shigeru could walk or ride his bike to work. Eventually they had 2 kids together.

Today Shigeru Miyamoto is head of the Nintendo Entertainment Analysis and Development  branch which is responsible for handling Nintendo’s top-selling games. So here’s to you Shiggy, from U-Z, Happy 60th birthday. Many more to come! Thank you for being such an awesome guy and such a creative, inspiring figure.

Happy 60th birthday shiggy!


Wikipedia, Miyamoto Shrine


After receiving the Príncipe de Asturias award in Communication and Humanities in Spain, Shigeru Miyamoto, our favorite game producer ever, commented on the possibility of an external studio playing a hand in helping to make the next Zelda game. Shiggy’s reasons for this? Well, according to Shiggy the series is starting to become so huge that it might be imperative to receive the aid of an external gaming studio to develop the game. Retro Studios could possibly be a good fit for that. Retro Studios has already been involved with developing numerous Nintendo games such as Metroid Prime and Donkey Kong: Country Returns. This means that Zelda wouldn’t be their first Nintendo game to work with, so rest easy. There’s no threat to our favorite gaming series just yet.

However, unfortunately, the only downside to working with Retro Studios is their location. Sine Retro Studios is based in Austin, Texas, not Japan, timezones and distance are the biggest obstacle for Nintendo and Retro Studios right now. These small yet important factors might decide whether or not this external studio might be able to help participate in the future development of the Legend of Zelda franchise.

Source: Official Nintendo Magazine

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So…How’ve You Been?
Posted on October 13, 2012 by Link

It’s been awhile, huh? Almost one whole year and a month or two to spare. Crazy how time flies, isn’t it? Yes, I am aware that our birthday has come and gone on without any announcement. The reason for this is because, well, I don’t feel U-Z has much of a community to celebrate its birthday, but that doesn’t stop us from chugging on ahead toward domination of the world, I mean, err, the domination of the online Zelda community. As much as I hate sounding like a broken record player, we are still very interested in hiring staff for just about every position you can think of. If you are interested in that, please click here to see what positions we would love to have filled and here to fill out an application to become apart of this website.

Anyways, back to the progress of the site. We are continually adding and editing our pages. Most of all the main game pages are up, including their potential guides. The game overviews still have to be added to them, however. A few pages still need to be added and expanded upon in the informative, media, and interactive sections, but that shouldn’t take too long. After that all that’s left for remaining pages are the guides for the games. Now I understand that this is probably the largest and most tedious task but once that is completed the site will be officially opened to the public. This means more advertising, active news updates, and affiliations galore!

In short, I just would like to say U-Z is definitely not dead but actually steadily growing (I am a team of one after all!) Expect big things from U-Z. I know it’s a little late but, HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY U-Z!

Creation & Destruction
Posted on September 4, 2011 by Link

If you’re seeing this right now, it is most likely because A.) You are here by accident and just so happened to stumble upon this amazing-of-a website, or B.) You might know the webmaster and he has honored you with the privilege of coming to this website. If not any of the above then consider yourself lucky. Either way, welcome to Ultimate-Zelda. Currently we are under going heavy construction and won’t be making ourselves known until we have all of our information up. So that means we will not be accepting affiliation requests, but we will keep in touch if you are interested in affiliating.

We are, however, very interested in hiring staff! We need staff in every position. Content Writers, Walkthrough Writers, News Writers, Article Writers, Video Specialist/Editor,  Graphic/Layout Designer, and anything else you can think of. Interested? Shoot me an email at netdahe[at] Some basic requirements are needed, such as Skype, which you can download for free. Skype will be used for discussing site projects, staff meetings, podcasts, and /or anything else site related. Another requirement is some coding knowledge, such as HTML. This is your chance to become apart of an emerging Zelda fan site that is sure to become well known throughout the community.

Ultimate-Zelda’s ultimate goal is to be one of the most well known Zelda sites on the web, Zelda Dungeon/ Zelda Universe level. We want to be strong in all areas of covering Zelda. Great news team, complete coverage of the Zelda series, many informative articles and pages over Zelda facts, and a great media and interactive area for fans of the series to enjoy themselves. So if that’s something that appeals to you and you’d like to be apart of, e-mail me. And thanks again for stopping by U-Z.

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